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«Generell freundlich» Phase 3
Stadt Zürich | «Generell freundlich» Phase 3
Neue Corporate Identity und Website für SPRICH AG
Sprich | Neue Corporate Identity und Website für SPRICH AG
Rosen | Transformer


Ideas are our nitro.

Per Wikipedia: Dynamite (gr. δύναμις, dýnamis, „Strength“) was discovered by the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel. That’s only half true, since Dynamite the agency was founded in Zug in 1995. Our dynamite is extreme ideas that have the capacity to make big explosions – giving our clients maximum power for their investment in advertising.


The team from Alten Steinhauserstrasse 10 is young, the chain of command is strong, the refrigerator full and the motivation pumping. What more do you want? You want to meet this wild bunch? Sure you do.


Dynamite AG | ASW
Headquarters | Alte Steinhauserstrasse 10 | 6330 Cham | Switzerland
Branch office | Waldstätterstrasse 9 | 6003 Luzern | Switzerland
Phone +41 41 748 73 73 | Fax +41 41 748 73 74 |

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